Thursday, June 14, 2012

I awaited the day you would finally come, When I could stop delaying this post, When you would discover your true role, The birds sing loudly for you this morning Sunshine. CHECKMATE, And so I come knocking.

How I made you,
I wrought you,
I pulled you,
From war I labored you,
From cancer I cradled you,
And now,
This is how I am repaid
Remember when I found you,  
The miseries that hounded you,
And I gave you motion,
Anointed with lotions,
And now, This is how I am repaid
And if I grant you this favor to hand you,
Your life for the evening,
I will retake by morning, 
And so,
Consider it your debt repaid.

Are you insane yet?
You're walking a mile in my shoes,
I lie dead,
Smothered by your hatred.
Take the evening to breathe easily,
Without regret,
Come morning I'll come knocking,
A reminder you have become everything you ran from.
Are you insane yet?
Slowly becoming consumed,
By everything you never wanted to be,
Yet here you are as everything I knew you as.
My life cut short,
My deeds fulfilled.
Wreck the world with your new found wings.
Soar high,
Allow the world to fall into darkness,
Beneath the shadows of your wingspan.

Without further ado,
I die. 
You did good, A.D.
I just did better. 

Monday, November 14, 2011


It's not required for me to be here.
It's not required for me to leave these notes.
It's not required for me to further your misery.
I will do it anyways.

Do you think these are games to be taken lightly?
Do you believe I do this to harm you,
to make you suffer?
A little suffering helps the soul along.
Don't you remember,
you said that to me in the asylum.
I'm not trying to make you cry,
you do that all yourself.
I will push you,
break you if I must,
I will never harm you to harm you.
I never wanted to crush your spirit.
It's just to make you stronger.

You know the truth now.
About who?
Maybe it's not just one.
What will you do?
Or are you too busy running?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

These Games YOU Play

you shall be a piece of red.
Mockery suits you none,
are you trying to scare me?
Do you think this be wise?
Return to your master,
fix your shattered mask.
Remember for the next time
I let you keep your body this round.

We have much to do still.

Play not your games,
I play but my own.
Tempt me not, demon.
Test me?
The wrath of those once oppressed shall conquer.
No longer drugged.
Voices silenced,
eyes no longer able to keep up.
Can you hear my words?
They are for you,
for my fellow two.
I confess,
sins I have done.
Sacrifices are necessary,
lives mean little and hold no value.
Become mine,
terrible two.
Only when all has fallen silent,
when dawn brings no chirping birds,
and dusk is no longer to be feared,
only when the world is stricken mute,
may all be right.

No fears will exist if all is dead.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


They will mock me now,
they will say I should have plucked her.
The warnings were there and yet I did nothing.
Gone is she,
taken by the rage and his beloved.
She of Mystery failed,
will there be a price?
This blow is low,
concern comes little for it.

They do not realize how favor befalls me now.
Twist and break her,
coddle and teach,
whatever you aim to do favor befalls me now.
Hello my enablers.

We are fixing the issue,

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Everything I have done was for us.
Ungrateful are you,
have I not proven yet I aim to keep you alive?
We required time,
we required a distraction,
your friend offered one.
His life will not be in vain,
not unless you become once more what you were.

Is that too much to ask for?
You will die if you do not.
Is that what you wish for?
Laying within the field as another casualty.
Useless, ungrateful little flock.

Useless useless useless!
We will have to fix that.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

One Step Closer

Have no pity for the dead.
They are gone,
there is nothing you can do for them.
Feel no pain for the dead.
For your dead.
He was but a traitor.
I warned you,
I showed you,
and you ignored everything.
A little suffering is good for the soul,
you are one step closer now little flock.

She will hate me over the traitor and the sorrow that has befallen her friend.
They will throw their emotions before logic and remain blind,
they will not see the favor I have done for them.
Ungrateful you are little flock.
I set the snare for you,
your interference would only delay the inevitable and doom your flock.
See now the weight lifted from your shoulders,
no longer is your home dangerous from within.
The child will heal,
she will become strong through this passing,
and all of you will be a little more well prepared for the big day.
Still there is so much to do little flock.