Thursday, August 4, 2011


They will mock me now,
they will say I should have plucked her.
The warnings were there and yet I did nothing.
Gone is she,
taken by the rage and his beloved.
She of Mystery failed,
will there be a price?
This blow is low,
concern comes little for it.

They do not realize how favor befalls me now.
Twist and break her,
coddle and teach,
whatever you aim to do favor befalls me now.
Hello my enablers.

We are fixing the issue,

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Everything I have done was for us.
Ungrateful are you,
have I not proven yet I aim to keep you alive?
We required time,
we required a distraction,
your friend offered one.
His life will not be in vain,
not unless you become once more what you were.

Is that too much to ask for?
You will die if you do not.
Is that what you wish for?
Laying within the field as another casualty.
Useless, ungrateful little flock.

Useless useless useless!
We will have to fix that.