Thursday, September 15, 2011

These Games YOU Play

you shall be a piece of red.
Mockery suits you none,
are you trying to scare me?
Do you think this be wise?
Return to your master,
fix your shattered mask.
Remember for the next time
I let you keep your body this round.

We have much to do still.

Play not your games,
I play but my own.
Tempt me not, demon.
Test me?
The wrath of those once oppressed shall conquer.
No longer drugged.
Voices silenced,
eyes no longer able to keep up.
Can you hear my words?
They are for you,
for my fellow two.
I confess,
sins I have done.
Sacrifices are necessary,
lives mean little and hold no value.
Become mine,
terrible two.
Only when all has fallen silent,
when dawn brings no chirping birds,
and dusk is no longer to be feared,
only when the world is stricken mute,
may all be right.

No fears will exist if all is dead.