Thursday, June 14, 2012

I awaited the day you would finally come, When I could stop delaying this post, When you would discover your true role, The birds sing loudly for you this morning Sunshine. CHECKMATE, And so I come knocking.

How I made you,
I wrought you,
I pulled you,
From war I labored you,
From cancer I cradled you,
And now,
This is how I am repaid
Remember when I found you,  
The miseries that hounded you,
And I gave you motion,
Anointed with lotions,
And now, This is how I am repaid
And if I grant you this favor to hand you,
Your life for the evening,
I will retake by morning, 
And so,
Consider it your debt repaid.

Are you insane yet?
You're walking a mile in my shoes,
I lie dead,
Smothered by your hatred.
Take the evening to breathe easily,
Without regret,
Come morning I'll come knocking,
A reminder you have become everything you ran from.
Are you insane yet?
Slowly becoming consumed,
By everything you never wanted to be,
Yet here you are as everything I knew you as.
My life cut short,
My deeds fulfilled.
Wreck the world with your new found wings.
Soar high,
Allow the world to fall into darkness,
Beneath the shadows of your wingspan.

Without further ado,
I die. 
You did good, A.D.
I just did better.