Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Everything I have done was for us.
Ungrateful are you,
have I not proven yet I aim to keep you alive?
We required time,
we required a distraction,
your friend offered one.
His life will not be in vain,
not unless you become once more what you were.

Is that too much to ask for?
You will die if you do not.
Is that what you wish for?
Laying within the field as another casualty.
Useless, ungrateful little flock.

Useless useless useless!
We will have to fix that.


  1. death comes for us all, in time.
    she iss mine now
    he comes with the Dusk and brings an end to
    endings, fair.

    be warned for what you are. against him,
    you are dust and ashes in the wind.

  2. What I am means little.
    What I will do means much.
    Mine from the start.
    Not yours,
    foul beast of HIS.
    All mine.
    Will be until all is dead and gone,
    when the job is done.

  3. Burn this body alive
    Means nothing
    I will come back
    Little asylum girls
    You scurry so prettily.

  4. squabble so amid the rot, not yours not now you have failed
    he comes now and settles due
    frail beauty, love, alas, adieu

    the dark queen is all mine now.

  5. Only in death will there be failure.
    Will you kill what you claim is yours?
    Kill her dead,
    kill her dead!
    Take away from our equation,
    will you, will you?
    Only in their deaths will there be failure.
    Death as a whole will only show success.
    Yours for the time being,
    mine only within the coming victory.