Monday, November 14, 2011


It's not required for me to be here.
It's not required for me to leave these notes.
It's not required for me to further your misery.
I will do it anyways.

Do you think these are games to be taken lightly?
Do you believe I do this to harm you,
to make you suffer?
A little suffering helps the soul along.
Don't you remember,
you said that to me in the asylum.
I'm not trying to make you cry,
you do that all yourself.
I will push you,
break you if I must,
I will never harm you to harm you.
I never wanted to crush your spirit.
It's just to make you stronger.

You know the truth now.
About who?
Maybe it's not just one.
What will you do?
Or are you too busy running?

1 comment:

  1. i see you. here and now.
    i see you very well.
    owed. pain of metal pain of earth.
    faster than mortal man.
    run away dream
    not faster than me.
    i will have her.
    i will not wait.

    her suffering has freed her.